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At Jeez-Its, we believe Communion is a slap in the face to the Body of Christ and its infinite potential. After obtaining a bounty of transubstantiated communion wafers from an anonymous priest, we decided it was time to see just what these baby Jesuses could do. Join as we prove that Jesus can do anything and everything, even as a cracker.

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

"You have heard the blasphemy. What do you think?"

Mark 14:64

The Washington Post asked in their On Faith section on April 22nd “South Park: comedy or blasphemy?” But why does the WaPo think insist on creating this false dilemma, when blasphemy is often pretty GOD DAMN funny?

Comedy is invaluable in its ability to influence thought and discourse, to make people look more closely and think more deeply about themselves and the world. It reminds us not to take everything so GOD DAMN seriously. Because the idea that alien souls inhabit our bodies, or that our grand parents may come back to life as dung beetles, or that Jesus perpetually turns himself into crackers to be cannibalized, well...these ideas are worth a closer look, aren't they?

And, historically, the best way to inspire a nation to look closer at something is to point out how GOD DAMN retarded it is. Comedy Central knows this (see: The Daily Show) and used to encourage South Park in their efforts to stir controversies.

Now they're censoring themselves vigorously to appease a minority of people with a colossal stick crammed up their extremist asses.

Because at Comedy Central, the demands of religious extremism are more important than the integrity of their content, or the desires of their viewers.

But at Jeez-Its? Radical Islam and Muhammad can go fuck themselves.

Here is Muhammad in his pretty, pretty dress.

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