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At Jeez-Its, we believe Communion is a slap in the face to the Body of Christ and its infinite potential. After obtaining a bounty of transubstantiated communion wafers from an anonymous priest, we decided it was time to see just what these baby Jesuses could do. Join as we prove that Jesus can do anything and everything, even as a cracker.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


So Retired Bishop, Giacomo Babini is pointing his bony, diddling finger at the Jews for orchestrating the pedophilia scandal against the Catholic Church.

And, of course, for killing his Lord and Savior.

Calling the Jews “God-killers” is an old and tired saw that members of the Holy and Apostolic Church have been wringing their filthy hands over for centuries. Frankly, if the Jews are able to kill God, doesn’t that make them more powerful than the God, and therefore Gods themselves? Oy!

Well, my mother used to always say, if you don’t like the Jews, don’t go around claiming they are powerful enough to kill your god and frame you for raping little boys.

Instead of hating the Jews, why not bring them on board?


With a united Jewish/Catholic front, those crazy pantywaist Protestants and Muslim animals won’t stand a chance. Together, you can rule the hearts, minds, and tender young buttocks of the world.

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