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At Jeez-Its, we believe Communion is a slap in the face to the Body of Christ and its infinite potential. After obtaining a bounty of transubstantiated communion wafers from an anonymous priest, we decided it was time to see just what these baby Jesuses could do. Join as we prove that Jesus can do anything and everything, even as a cracker.

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Friday, April 23, 2010

With The Power of Flame

This clip may not last long on the interwebs, so we at Jeez-Its are doing our part to support free speech and the ridiculing of religious figures by embedding this classic South Park clip. As of this posting, this episode from 2001, as well as Episode 201 that was censoriously aired on 4/21/2010 have been removed from the web due to Islamic terrorist threats.

Help us spread this clip far and wide so that Comedy Central and Viacom can never hope to eliminate them all.

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